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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joba rules, does he?

So, how's that "Joba Chamberlain the future ace" thing working out? Good?

The standard argument used by people who have dug in on that side of the Joba debate is that you'd rather have him throw 200 innings than the 80 he'd get out of the bullpen.

Of course, it's impossible to get to 200 innings if you can't get through the fifth half the time, but why cloud the issue with factual matters like that?

Let's take a look at the numbers from Joba's last 7 starts:

35.2 IP (avg. of just over 5 IP per start)
47 hits
27 runs (20 earned)
5.05 ERA
1.77 WHIP
During that period, batters are hitting .311 against him, with an OPS of .861.

For a frame of reference, there are only 28 hitters in the American League with an OPS of .861 or higher, and only 26 players in all of baseball with an average of at least .311. In other words, Joba is turning every hitter he faces into one of the best players in the league.

Obviously, everyone with a brain and a pair of eyes can see what’s happening with Joba. His velocity is way down, his good slider is NEVER a strike and nobody is swinging at it anymore, and when he throws a breaking ball in the zone it's a hanger that gets pounded 450 feet.

The only people who don’t see it are in too deep with the idea that Joba is going to be a top-flite starter, an idea that is waving hello from “never going to happen land.”

And that trip to the DL with the "tired arm" is in the mail, you can bank on it.

Meanwhile, the game was just another typical Yankees/Angels game, the same crap that’s been going on against them since 2002. Yankees make mistakes, Angels capitalize.

And if you can explain to me why Cody Ransom was playing AGAIN last night, I’d love to hear it. Joe Girardi's fascination with terrible utility players is baffling, even moreso when you consider the fact that the All-Star break is coming up after Sunday's game.

Jeter is going to have Monday off, play 3 innings on Tuesday, then have Wednesday and Thursday off before the Yankees begin the second half of the season; did he really need a “half-day off” at DH?

I don’t get it, I really don’t.

Meanwhile Bobby "Fred" Abreu continued his hot hitting with runners in scoring position with a pair of RBI singles against his former team.

Abreu is hitting .375 with RISP this season. As a team, the Yankees are hitting .263 in those situations. Of regular players, only Johnny Damon and Brett Gardner are above .300.

A-Rod - .275

Teixeira - .256

Melky - .224

Swisher - .212 (in Abreu's position)

Cano - .206

You hear a lot about finding protection in the #5 spot of the order for A-Rod, there is he is, wearing an Angels uniform and making a mere $5 million.

Cashman strikes again.


  1. Abreu was a defensive liability, I'm ok with him not playing, I like our OF.. But you know me, I like everything about the Yanks. except joba starting and girardi and everything girardi decides.

  2. A defensive liability????? as opposed to nick swisher slip sliding away in the outfield, dropping flyballs and unable to throw anybody out???