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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Look at this F'ing idiot

Now do you Mets fans understand why we all hate Jonathan Papelbon so much?

Mere moments after Omir Santos took him deep to give the Mets the lead in the top of the 9th, here is Papelbon throwing a tantrum over a call at second base that wasn't even close.

David Wright made a diving play on Jason Bay's grounder, and Luis Castillo made a tremendous scoop of the throw to force Kevin Youkilis, who was out by literally three feet.

If you watch closely enough, you can also see the punchable face and bald head of Dustin Pedroia, also yelling at the umpire who had the nerve to make the correct call. I can forgive little Dusty for venting, he's probably just uptight since he's not getting any from his kid-touching older brother.

Thankfully, up in the SNY broadcast booth, Keith Hernandez summed up everyone's feelings by telling Papelbon to "go sit down." It must have taken a great deal of restraint for him to avoid dropping three "F bombs" and the British term for "cigarette" in that sentence, but thank you, Keith.

You know, people get all bent out of shape when Joba Chamberlain pumps his fist after an inning-ending strikeout, but you never hear anything about Papelbon's postgame hysterics, and you won't hear anything about this little conniption fit either.

Oh, and here's Papelbon's reaction to the use of instant replay to get the call right on the Santos home run:

"Not a fan of it. I don't understand why can't he just make the call."

Well, "Paps," I'm not a fan of yours. I don't understand why you can't just kill yourself.



It appears Mr. Papelbon just isn't a fan of people who do their jobs. Not only did he throw a hissy fit at the second base umpire, but he also cursed out and threw a towel at a NY Post photographer for having the nerve to - GASP!! - take his picture.

Papelbon had just surrendered a two-run homer to backup catcher Omir Santos -- leading to a 3-2 Amazin' victory -- when Causi had the audacity to do his job and photograph the closer as he sulked in the Sox dugout in the bottom of the ninth.

Papelbon screamed, "Don't take my f- - -ing picture," according to Causi, before throwing his towel at him

It should be noted: Papelbon missed Causi.

"I guess he missed with two pitches that night," Causi cracked.

Class act, that Papelbon. I'm sure a certain commenter will excuse this borderline psychotic behavior by mentioning that A-Rod once dropped a crumpled paper cup on the floor of the dugout at Fenway Park.


  1. I can't think of anyone I despise more.

  2. I love Rivera, keep bringing him in..look forward to next visit..Jaba is real stable..
    It looked like Santos had his eyes closed when he hit the dinger

  3. I've never seen Joba storm out of the dugout to berate an umpire for accurately calling a play at second base.

    Please explain how Papelbon doesn't look stupid here. He made an ass of hiself prostesting a proper call, and should have been ejected from the game - not that it would have mattered after he flushed the lead the half inning before.

  4. Maybe Cinco Ocho was just upset after up a 9th inning dinger to a 3rd string catcher who won't have a signifigant hit the rest of the year..
    And players make asses of themselves, like Arod in 2004 pleading that his hand slap was just part of his running motion.

  5. Looked like a situation where Paps was looking for relief for his failure and over-reacted kind of like a basketball ref making a bad call and then calling a Technical to make it even worse. Of course even if Santos had his eyes closed it WAS still a dinger.